New Zealand’s FIRST designed & manufactured, barista-grade, REUSABLE TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP


WE'RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WAYS WE CAN DO THINGS BETTER.... better for our customers, our community and our planet.

We made the IdealCup in an effort to try and reduce the number of takeaway cups being dumped in New Zealand landfills every day.  We also got thinking about all those used coffee grounds which get dumped in the waste every day - thousands of tonnes in thousands of cafes.... We knew there was a great use for those used grounds, so we got to work. 

This is the story of our other eco-friendly product, SweetGrounds Soil Conditioner.


SweetGrounds is a blend of used coffee grounds and naturally occurring minerals. When added to soil it increases the soil pH (sweetens the soil) and adds organic matter which enhances the soil structure and improves its water holding capacity. It is suitable for organic gardening.

Other Uses

Lawns - improves grass growth by, neutralising soil acidity, and also promotes composting of organic matter.

Composting - accelerates and improves the composting process.

Snail and slug deterent - the snails and slugs don't like the caffeine in the coffee grounds.

Directions for Use

Soil conditioner for clay soils - apply 400 grams per square metre of soil and mix.

Soil conditioner for sandy soils – apply 200 grams per square metre of soil and mix. For best results also add a NPK fertiliser.

Lawn Enhancer – apply 200 grams per square metre to lawn in spring and autumn.

Composting – apply 2.5 kg per cubic metre of green organic matter.

Snail and slug deterent - sprinkler around garden plants you wish to protect.


Not recommended for use under acid loving plants such as rhododendron, azalea and protea.

Health and Safety Precautions

SweetGrounds is non toxic and environmentally safe and is considered non hazardous by ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority). The fine particles can, however, irritate lungs and eyes, therefore eye protection and a safety mask is recommended when handling this product. The contents of this bag are best handled in a ‘moist’ condition

First Aid

Eye contact: flush thoroughly with water to remove particles

Inhalation: remove to fresh air

Ingestion: call a doctor if discomfort occurs



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