New Zealand’s FIRST designed & manufactured, barista-grade, REUSABLE TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP

The IdealCup consists of three separate parts:  the cup, lid and a rotating top insert.

Environmental Features 

  • Owned by New Zealander's
  • Made locally in Wellington, New Zealand
  • 100% Reusable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 100% BPA Free (There are NO Polycarbonates in either the cup or the lid.  We use Polyolefin based materials for both the cup and lid, which do not contain any Bisphenol compounds (BPA,BPS, BPF)
  • Able to be used with purpose designed reusable lid or a standard 90mm biodegradable and compostable (Certified EN13432 compostable) lid
  • Sipping hole easily sealed with the rotating insert - safe to carry without spilling and no nasty dribbles in your handbag or on the car floor
    1. Barista grade & friendly - 100mm tall to fit under almost every espresso machine group head
    2. The same volume as a standard takeaway cup 12 oz or 355 ml with internal markings for small and regular size drinks
    3. 100% BPA Free
    4. F.D.A. (US Food and Drug Administration) approved as fully non-toxic
    5. Light-weight, modern design allowing a comfortable hold when hot, keeps the drink hotter for longer
    6. Dishwasher safe
    7. Microwave safe
    8. Design Registered No. 413123
    9. Fits car cup holders
    10. Safe for the whole family
  2.  General Features 

    What is the IdealCup made of?

    The IdealCup is a truly environmentally friendly, reusable cup - made from just 2 materials, both of which are 100% BPA FREE and recyclable in curbside recycling!

    We DO NOT use any nasty silicon (cannot be recycled and ends up in landfill) in our IdealCup.  Our entire product can be recycled at the end of its useful life or better yet, can be returned to IdealCup for our manufacturer to re-grind in to new cups/lids.

    The CUP

    The cup is manufactured from a polypropylene (#5 recyclable plastic) which has a talc filling (which makes the cup robust and virtually unbreakable, whilst ensuring it won't become soft and flimsy over time).

    The LID

    The lid is manufactured from a polyethelene (#4 recyclable plastic).