New Zealand’s FIRST designed & manufactured, barista-grade, REUSABLE TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP


create customer loyalty whilst make money

It's hard yakka owning and operating a cafe and who doesn't want to find easy ways to make more money?  It's easy with IdealCup!  Branded IdealCups make an impactful brand statement; bringing more awareness of your cafe to the market.
Your regular customers will love purchasing an IdealCup with their favourite cafe's logo emblazoned on it and..... each cup you sell will make you a tidy little profit; not to mention the money you will save on disposable cups and lids if your customers are using reusable IdealCups! 

you could also consider "cupcycling"

Brand a bunch of IdealCups with your cafe logo and OFFER these to your wonderful customers in place of a standard takeaway cup.


For those customers who want to do their part without the responsibility of owning an IdealCup.

With the Cup Cycling system, your customers don't have to purchase an IdealCup rather, they BORROW a cup from you each day. 

They pay you a "bond" upfront of $10 (we recommend $10 includes their first beverage) and this gives your customers the ongoing use of your stock of IdealCups.

Then, each day when your customers return to your cafe, they give you back their used IdealCup from the time before and you give them a clean IdealCup with a biodegradable/compostable disposable lid (you can purchase the exact right size from IdealCup). 

Your customers will feel great supporting your GREEN initiatives and they will be doing their little bit to help keep our beautiful environment clean and green.

The IdealCup is 100% commercial dishwasher safe, for ease of cleaning within your cafe/business.

And when your customers pay for their drink each day, as a sweetner, you could discount their drink by 50c (our recommended discount), as a reward for their sustainable efforts.  You'll be saving money by not buying as many disposable takeaway cups, so it's a WIN WIN for you and your customers!


The perfect Corporate Gift and an Ideal, cost effective branding tool for your business

The IdealCup offers a cost effective, user-friendly solution for businesses; helping to reduce the number of takeaway cups being thrown into the business waste stream.
  • You can purchase the IdealCups with their own reusable lid, use the IdealCups with disposable lids or don't use lids at all
  • Purchase an IdealCup for each staff member (a great staff gift) and they can then use them as individuals, or
  • Purchase a larger number of IdealCups for the business kitchenette or cafeteria and staff can use these internally or take them to their favourite café for a refill.  The IdealCups can be washed in the dishwasher (they're completely dishwasher safe, both domestic and commercial dishwashers) and are ready for the next use
  • Businesses can consider co-branding opportunity with a café or coffee company which is popular with its staff members.  The café can offer a discount on the coffee price in consideration of the co-branding opportunity, the number of staff who will be utilising their café on a regular basis and the fact they will not have to supply a disposable takeaway cup for each person - A WIN WIN!
  • Branded IdealCups will enhance your profile to your staff and customers as an eco-friendly business.
Branded IdealCups will enchance your profile to your staff and customers as an eco-friendly business.



Brand IdealCups with your logo and sell to your wholesale customers

Print your logo on the IdealCup and sell, sell, sell to your customers.

IdealCups can be manufactured in a wide range of colours then branded with your logo.  

You could also consider a CO-BRANDING arrangement with your cafe customers.  A powerful way to SHARE THE LOVE giving both your businesses an extremely cost effective way to market both your brands!