New Zealand’s FIRST designed & manufactured, barista-grade, REUSABLE TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP

We think our IdealCups are pretty cool and we're fairly confident you will too.  And so you can be 100% positive you're making the best choice in resuable cups, you can sleep easy in the knowledge others have gone before you and have been delighted with the results.  Read what our customers have said...


OXFAM | New Zealand | March 2014

We are over the moon with how they look and were able to display them at our Auckland Training Weekend with a few sales already.

Thank you so much for your support on this one.


GROW WELLINGTON | New Zealand | March 2014

One of our guys have just got back from the SXSW Conference in the States and said the cups were a real hit! In fact they generated so much interest that they’ve indicated that they would like to use them for other events. The comments were that people were genuinely impressed with the design and the quality. Obviously that fits really well with what we are trying to promote with Wellington


ENGENIUM | Christchurch | New Zealand | April 2014

The cups arrived yesterday to much excitement! They look fabulous...they’re for student recruitment at the university, but they staff are eyeing them up too!
So very pleased! Thank you so much for doing such a great job.


New Zealand Dental Hygiene Association | 500 IdealCups Custom Coloured | NZDHA Conference | July 2012

The IdealCups were a big hit and the girls were kind and saved me two.  I loved the colour combo and the branding was perfect.  I've since discovered HenrySchienShalfoon did this idea for one of the dental expo's a year or two ago - and they were yours too, so obviously a good idea.  Thanks heaps for your help organising everything, it was nice to feel secure given I was half a world away at the time!  Kirsten | Treasurer | NZDHA