New Zealand’s FIRST designed & manufactured, barista-grade, REUSABLE TAKEAWAY COFFEE CUP

INTRODUCING..... the IdealCup

New Zealand's first reusable, 'barista grade' takeaway cup designed & manufactured right here in Aotearoa!


Ideal Cup With Lid 


Kiwis have a love affair with coffee and the daily takeaway is somewhat of a ritual.  Sadly, takeaway cups are a real concern for our beautiful environment.

Everyday tens of THOUSANDS of takeaway cups are thrown in the rubbish, ending up in landfill.

The IdealCup is a truly environmentally friendly altternative to the disposable takeaway cup:

  • reduces the number of disposable takeaway cups being used
  • can be reused
  • can be recycled & in most curbside recycling
  • is designed to be barista-friendly, fitting perfectly under the espresso machine group head


The IdealCup Meets The Challenge

One takeaway coffee a day creates 10 kilos of waste each year!  You can make a difference and help change these scary statistics, by purchasing your very own IDEALCUP today! 

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