Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Why do you make the IdealCup™ out of plastic and not glass?

We know glass is aesthetically pretty and it is a sustainable material however, the guts of it is... glass can break, glass is heavy to carry and currently, to manufacture glass cups in New Zealand is very cost prohibitive.

Another consideration is glass becomes very hot to hold, so the inclusion of a silicon sleeve or band to dissipate the heat is generally required.  These silicon sleeves/bands are not environmentally friendly, cannot be re-purposed into new products at the end of their useful life and will ultimately end up in landfill.

Unlike most other cups available in the market, the IdealCup™ is MADE IN NEW ZEALAND.  We are staunch about our position and will not waiver from this.  We could certainly make our cups in China for a fraction of the cost however, it's not the point.  We are kiwis and NZ Made is in our DNA.  

If we chose to make glass cups and in New Zealand, it would mean we would have to charge a much higher price.  And this is precisely why there are currently NO GLASS CUPS made in New Zealand available today.

The IdealCup™ is a LIFETIME REUSABLE PLASTIC and should not be confused with single use plastics.

We use JUST TWO recyclable plastics, both of which can be ground down and made in to new IdealCups™. 

Choosing the plastics we use to make our  IdealCup™ offers a tangible, cost effective, reusable solution, which makes REUSE accessible to everyone.

Does the IdealCup™ come in other sizes?

Currently the IdealCup™ is available in one size, which holds the same amount as a large takeaway cup (12 oz). Watch this space…. as we're working on the release of a new 16 oz IdealCup for later this year!

Can my IdealCup™ go in the dishwasher and/or microwave?

Yes, your IdealCup™ is 100% dishwasher and microwave safe, in fact it's freezer safe too. We recommend removing the lid if microwaving.

Will my cup taint, stain or smell after use?

No – the IdealCup™ is designed to be taint, stain and odour free, provided it is washed regularly between uses.

Is my IdealCup™ BPA free?
  • The IdealCup™ and its lid are 100% BPA, BPS, & BPF FREE
  • We use no nasty chemicals in the manufacture of our IdealCups™
  • There are NO polycarbonates in either the cup or the lid
  • IdealCups™ are manufactured using polyolefin based materials for both the cup and lid, which do not contain any Bisphenol compounds (BPA,BPS, BPF)
  • All materials we use are approved as Food Safety Standard
Is the IdeaCup™ hot to hold?

Like any takeaway cup, if it contains a hot drink, it's going to be reasonably hot to hold. To make it easier, the IdealCup™ has cleverly designed ‘fins’ in the sides to protect your hands from heat transference.

Where are IdealCups™ made?

They are manufactured in Wellington, the Coolest Little Capital in the World.

What happens to an IdealCup™ at the end of life cycle?

IdealCups™ are designed to last a lifetime.  If however, for any reason they do become damaged beyond use or deemed at the end of their useful life, they can either be put in with your regular curbside recycling, or better yet, they can be returned to IdealCup HQ and we will return them to our manufacturing centre, where they will be ground down and made in to new cups and/or lids.

Will the IdealCup™ fit in my car cup holder?

Yes, the IdealCup™ is designed to fit pretty much all standard car cup holders and even a number of different bike cup holders.

Can I use the IdealCup™ with a plastic takeaway/compostable lid?

Yes, the IdealCup™ is the only reusable cup on the market that fits a standard takeaway lid.

What's the best way to clean my IdealCup™?

The IdealCup has been designed to be dishwasher safe.

We recommend an eco-cleaning product such as Ecostore. Less harsh and abrasive on our cups and moreso, our environment. We also recommend non-lemon based detergent/tablets, as these can 'taint'.

Will the lid drip or spill?

No! The lid is designed to be tightly sealed, so you’ll experience no leakage. And the cleverly designed sipping hole cover is spill and drip free when it’s closed.

Do IdealCups™ cups use any silicon in the product?

No. We choose not to use silicon, as it is not recyclable or degradable and CANNOT be repurposed at the end of it's life.  It can only end up in landfill.

Other than online, where can I buy an IdealCup™ in New Zealand?

For a full list of retailers throughout NZ, check out our stockists page.

When will my online order arrive?

In generally no more than 2 working days. Add an extra day if you're rural.

Can I amend my order after I checkout?

If you wish to amend your order after checkout and payment has been processed, you will need to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your changes.

Can I buy just a new cup or lid on its own?

Yes, you can purchase individual items via our online shop.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes, we sure do. Check out the wholesale page or contact us and we'll happily answer your questions.

How do I become an IdealCup™ retailer?

Complete our Wholesale Enquiry Form or drop us an email or give us a call.