What is CupCycling™ and how does it work?

Conceived by the team behind IdealCup™, CupCycling™ is the very first reusable 'cup swap system' to be rolled out in New Zealand.  A cafe or multiple participating cafes band together to reduce disposable cup waste to landfill, by promoting the reusable cup "swap" system.

CupCycling™ can be applied to a single cafe, any number of cafes within a community or region and within a corporate office building, with hundreds of staff using a dedicated cafe or cafes within their building.

Our system is tried and tested and the results speak for themselves.... 14,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in a year in Motueka; 7,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in just 4 months at Kanteen Cafe at NZ Post in Wellington.... and the amazing stats go on.

The system promotes diverting single use cups to landfill... it's not about promoting individual cafe brands – it's about everyone doing the same thing to divert nasty disposable, one-use cups from landfill and save our planet; one reusable cup at a time!


CupCycling™ works on the same principle as Boomerang Bags – the customer pays a one off 'bond' as a membership to the CupCycling™ programme and then they get the ongoing use of a reusable CupCycling™ cup from any participating cafe.  They simply return the dirty cup to any participating CupCycling™ cafe each day, get a clean cup with their drink and just pay for the drink - and around and around it goes!

Since its inception, CupCycling™ has seen the original model in Motueka divert over 14,000 single-use cups from landfill in just a year!

We've proudly supported other regions to successfully roll out CupCycling™ including Cromwell, Upper Hutt, Richmond, Golden Bay, Titirangi and Wellington and even Prince George in BC, Canada!  We have many more regions wanting to know how they can roll out CupCycling™ in their communities and we're working with them to make CupCycling™ a reality.

CupCycling™ is an effective, cost effective, tested and measured reuse system, which really does work.

Do you want to Join the Reuse Revolution? Get in touch to find out how YOUR TOWN or CORPORATE OFFICE can get involved and start diverting all that nasty single use waste to landfill!

*The bond is non-refundable to the customer and each cafe retains the money received from the bond. This can then be used to purchase additional CupCyclingTM cups, if they are required for your cafe.

Current CupCycling™ Locations


How does it work?


Pay a $10 bond at any participating cafe and enjoy the ongoing use of a reusable CupCycling™ cup.


Return your used CupCycling™ cup to any participating cafe and get your next coffee in a reusable CupCycling™ cup.


Reuse and enjoy a discount on every coffee you purchase in your reusable CupCycling™ cup. Around and around it goes!

The CupCycling™ programme is designed for cafés

For your daily regular customers who want to do their part, without the responsibility of owning a reusable cup.

With the CupCycling™ programme, your customers don't have to purchase their own IdealCup rather, they BORROW a cup from you each day for their drink (which you serve with a biodegradable/compostable lid).

Your customers pay you a "bond" upfront of $10 (this $10 includes their first beverage) and this gives your customers the ongoing use of a CupCycling™ cup.

The $10 Bond also covers your costs if a customer doesn't return the cup for some reason and also allows you to purchase further cups, should you require more, over and above your initial volume.

Each day when your customers return to your cafe, they give you back their used (and sometimes dirty) CupCycling™ cup and you give them a clean CupCycling™ cup with a new biodegradable/compostable lid.

You then put the dirty cups in your dishwasher ready for reuse - and around and around they go. The IdealCup is 100% commercial dishwasher safe, for ease of cleaning within your cafe/business.

IdealCup also stocks and sells biodegradable/compostable lids which fit the IdealCup perfectly. Get in touch with us for more info.

Make your café disposable cup free

Your customers will feel great supporting your GREEN initiatives and they will be doing their little bit to help keep our beautiful environment clean and green, without the responsibility of owning the cup, washing the cup and most of all, remembering to bring the cup – you take care of that.

And when your customers buy their drink each day in the reusable cup, as a sweetner, you could consider discounting their drink price, as a reward for their sustainable efforts - and of course, you'll be saving money by not buying as many disposable takeaway cups for your business, so it's a WIN WIN for you and your customers!

Using CupCycling™ in Motueka NZ, we have diverted
single-use cups from landfill in Motueka in just over 1 year!

Look for the CUPCYCLING™ logo in participating cafes

Ask your local cafē to get involved!